ICMH Fellowship for Research Project, III edition, 2023

1.  The International Commission of Military History awards a Fellowship to finance projects of research on Military History.

2.  The project must deal with Military History in the broadest sense: the history of warfare, of military campaigns, of the armed forces, of military thought and philosophy, diplomatic aspects of conflicts, causes and effects of wars, defence economics, civil-military relations, military technology, military leadership, and demographics of military forces. A preferential element in the selection is the use of archival sources.

3.  Candidates must have a PhD in an historical discipline and be under 40 years of age at the date of 30th June 2023.

4.  The amount of the Fellowship will be not less than € 3,000, and will be decided by the Jury according to the merits of the chosen project. The amount will be paid in two equal instalments, the first at the proclamation of the winner, the second after the presentation of a report at the conclusion of the project.

5.  Candidates must send a scanned certificate of their PhD degree, a curriculum vitae, and a detailed description of their project of research, including expenses to be faced, to the Vice President of ICMH, Dr Efpraxia S. Paschalidou This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 30th June  2023. All documents must be in English or French. If the PhD certificate is in another language, an English translation must be attached.

6.  To be eligible, applicants must come from a country where there is an ICMH National Commission or, if there isn’t one, they must apply and be accepted as ICMH Individual Affiliate Scholars.

7.  The Prize will be awarded by a Jury of seven persons, chaired by the President of ICMH and including the members of the ICMH Executive Board and the President and the Secretary of the ICMH Educational Committee. With the approval of the President of ICMH, members of the Jury unable to participate may designate a substitute. The Jury may decide not to award the Fellowship if no project is considered worthy or may decide to award it ex aequo to two Doctors, dividing the amount of money. The Jury’s decisions are taken by simple majority.

8.  The winner is required to acknowledge the Fellowship received in any publication ensuing from the researches financed and include the same mention in his future Curricula.

9.  ICMH gratefully acknowledges the support to the Fellowship given by the Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation.

10. Requests for any further information should be addressed to Dr. Efpraxia S. Paschalidou.


The President of the International Commission of Military History 
Prof. Massimo de Leonardis
Professor (ret.) of History of International Relations and Institutions
Department of Political Sciences of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan