The ICMH President member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

The President of the ICMH, Prof. Massimo de Leonardis, has been elected as ordinary member in class V – Social Sciences, Law & Economics  of the Academia Scientiarium et Artium Europaea. The Academy’s mission is to stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration between reputable scientists of all disciplines, leading artists and practitioners of governance. Their purpose is to analyze important societal challenges and to help solving complex issues for the wellbeing of Europeans’ future. 

The Academy brings together over 2000 eminent scholars and practitioners, among them 32 Nobel Prize winners, from across Europe. They are divided into 8 classes: Humanities; Medicine; Arts; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences, Law and Economics; Technical and Environmental Sciences; World Religions; Corporate and Public Governance. The Protectors of the Academy are several Heads of State. Its list of Honorary Senators comprises many distinguished leaders, such as former Prime Ministers or Ministers from various countries, former Presidents of the Commission of the European Union, and others.