2020 Statutory Elections

A message from the ICMH Secretary General, Lt. Col. Dr. Kris Quanten:

Dear Presidents of the National Commissions,
Dear Friends,

We are living difficult times with the Corona virus. I hope you are all well and do everything to stay safe. In the meanwhile we continue – as best we can – the activities of the ICMH. 

In August we planned the Congress in Poznań and the statutory elections. At this point in time, it is too early to decide whether or not they can go ahead. Whatever the decision will be, it’s my task to prepare the election process as transparently as possible. Therefore, with this mail I would like to inform you concerning the practical organization. 

The eligible functions are : 
· President
· Secretary General
· Treasurer
· All the members of the Bureau

Last year, the General Assembly in Sofia appointed an Election Committee that will oversee the whole procedure. The composition of this Committee is as follows :
· President : Honorary President Dr. Piet Kamphuis
· Members : Prof Dr. Dimitar Minchev; Prof Dr. Gianluca Pastori; Prof Dr. Niels Bo Poulsen; Dr. Pieter Lieb

All National Commissions whose dues are up to date (i.e. which have paid their contributions up to and including 2019) may propose candidates for the various positions on the ICMH Board. Candidates elected for several positions can only hold one of them. He/she must choose. A national commission may nominate more than one candidate, but in the end can only have one representative on the ICMH Bureau. 

To propose a candidate, the person should send a scanned letter of application to the Secretary General, Dr. Kris Quanten (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) . This letter must bear three signatures : the candidate’s, the President’s and that of the Secretary General of his/her national commission.

The deadline for the candidate’s letter is 30 April 2020. The validity of each application shall be examined and formally verified by the Election Committee.

The elections will take place during the General Assembly of the ICMH Congress in Poznań. The only persons qualified to vote on behalf of a National Commission are the President or, failing this, any other duly appointed member of the Commission. The National Commission can only give one person the power to vote.

Please note that the two Vice-Presidents of the ICMH, according to our statutes, are not elected as such, but appointed by the members of the Board.

For more detailed information on the election process, we refer you to the ICMH Statutes and to the ‘Rules for the five-year statutory elections’.

Kind regards and keep safe in these difficult moments.




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Secretary-General of the International Commission of Military History


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