New appointments

Published: Wednesday, 09 September 2020

Dear Members of ICMH,

I wish to inform you that the new Full Board, in its first meeting held today through telematics, took the following decisions, ratifying, when necessary, my nominations.

Dr Efpraxia S. Paschalidou has been appointed Vice President. According to our Statutes she is the Senior Vice President, being therefore the President’s vicar, representing him whenever and wherever required. She would also be delegated to keep contacts with other international organisations active in the field of Military History. 

Lt. Col. Dr Harold E. Raugh Jr. has also been appointed Vice President. He is delegated to edit the ICMH Newsletter under the President’s supervision and with the technical advice of the webmaster Dr Davide Borsani; he would also collaborate with the Secretary General in the organization of the Corvisier Prize.

Col. USAR (Ret.) JD. Wyllard B. Snyder has been nominated President’s special delegate for contacts with foundations and museums.

The Full Board welcomed my proposal to appoint Honorary Members of the Board: Dr Hans W. Pawlisch, Lt. Gen. Alexandre de Sousa Pinto, Navy Captain José Marìa Blanco Nuñez. The proposal will be submitted to the vote of the National Commissions as soon as possible.

The new leadership of ICMH is fully in place, committed to work with renewed energy. However, any General Staff can be performant only if relies on good great units, in our case the National Commissions.

Yours sincerely, 

Prof. Dr Massimo de Leonardis