In 2010, Professor Dr. Allan R. Millett, Director of the EisenhowerCenter in New Orleans and Vice-President of the International Commission of Military History, proposed the ‘Guidance for Organising International Congresses’, which were formally adopted by the General Assembly at Amsterdam on 3 September 2010.  In view of the increasing importance of electronic publishing, paragraphs 2.5 through 2.12 were re-formulated by Professor Dr. Massimo de Leonardis, Professor at the Catholic University of Milano and then-Vice-President of the International Commission. It was adopted at the ICMH Congress in Rio de Janeiro on 2 September 2011.

This new revised edition has been prepared in 2017 by Prof. Massimo de Leonardis, President of the International Commission, under mandate of the Executive Board. It is published on the website and distributed as Annex to the Newsletter No. 28, Fall 2017.