Romanian National Military Archives

Category: Database of National Military History Archives Published: Friday, 03 September 2021

1. Archive name (English)

Romanian National Military Archives

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2. Archive name (native)

Arhivele Militare Naționale Române

3. Address

Romanian National Military Archives /Arhivele Militare Naționale Române

7H Drumul Taberei Street, Bucharest, 061353, sector 6, Romania



4. Organization affiliation

The Romanian National Military Archives is a structure subordinated to the Romanian Defense Staff

5. Website


6. E-Mail/Contact

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7. Phone

+40 21 3185367 int. 161


8. Fax

+4 021 3185385


9. General description of contents

Romanian National Military Archives is the institution, which administrates, oversees and maintains the protection of the archival fund of Ministry of National Defense.

It has in its subordination the Central Archive Depot and coordinates the intermediary storehouses of archive belonging to each branch of the army (land forces, navy forces, air forces).


10. Categories, Linear measurement, Period covered

Romanian National Military Archives:

- almost 100 km of archive;

- 6.508 archive funds, with a total of 4.051.557 archive records

- 75.000 photos

- 2800 historical and instructional films

- 75.000 microfilm rolls

- oldest archive fund: 1831.

• Romanian military archives' guide:

•Archives funds open for researchers:

11. Access conditions (opening hours)

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 14:00

12. Conditions of use (legal conditions)

• Open access for all researchers to declassified funds, most classified funds available to bearers of certificates of access to classified information.

• Laws and regulations:

Access to archives is regulated by the Law no. 16/1996 regarding national archives


13. Publications/Guides of the archive

A comprehensive guide of the archives funds open to research and also a list of funds available on microfilm and paper (classic support)


• „Document” magazine:

• Romanian military archives' guide:

14. Finding aids accessible to the public (printed/electronic)

Romanian military archives' guide

• Romanian military archives' guide:

•Archives funds open for researchers: