The Bibliographical Committee works mainly on the publication of the International Journal of Military History and Historiography.

This is our board:

President and Editor-in-Chief:
Dr. Marco Wyss (United Kingdom)

Secretary general and scientific editor:
Oberst i.G. Dr. Winfried Heinemann (Germany)

Brg. (Res) Dr Daniel Asher, IDF CSC (Israel) 
Prof. Dr Jordan Baev, Defense Advanced Research Institute, G.S. Rakovski National Defense Academy, Sofia (Bulgaria) 
Dr Gabriele Bosch, ZMSBw - Bibliothek (Germany) 
Dr Davide Borsani, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano (Italy) 
Prof. Dr Lars Erikson-Wolke, Military History Department, National Defence University, Stockholm (Sweden) 
Dr Zisis Fotakis, Assistant Professor, Hellenic Naval Academy (Greece) 
Prof. Dr Winfried Heinemann (see above) 
Dr Andreas Karyos, National Struggle Museum and University of Nicosia (Cyprus) 
Coronel Ejercito de Tierra (r), DEM Fernando Fontana de Grassa, Centro Superior de Estudios de la Defensa Nacional, Madrid (Spain) 
Col. M.A. José Miguel Moreira Freire, Director of Military Academy Library, Lisbon (Portugal) 
Dr Anselm van der Peet, Netherlands Institute of Military History (The Netherlands) 
Prof. Dr Dumitru Preda, Directeur de la direction des Archives Diplomatiques, Ministère des Afffaires étrangères (Romania) 
Dr Claudia Reichl-Ham, Research and Publications Department, Austrian Army Museum (Austria) 
Dr Robyn L. Rodriguez, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii (USA) 
Dr Max Schiavon, Commission Française d’Histoire Militaire (France) 
Dr Adam Storring, British Commission for Military History (UK) 
Prof. Dr Pasi Tuunainen, Senior Lecturer and Adjunct Professor in Military History, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu (Finland) 
Sr. Col. Zhou Xiaoning, Academy of Military Science, Chinese PLA, Beijing (China). 

Honorary Presidents:
Col. Daniel Reichel (†) (Founding Member) (Switzerland) 
Brig. Jean Langenberger (†) (Switzerland) 
Maj. Dr. Dimitry Queloz (Switzerland) 

Honorary Member: 
Gso. Ma. Jarl E. Kronlund (Finland)