XLVII ICMH Congress in Poland

The XLVII Congress of ICHM will be held in Poland from 28th August to 2nd September 2022. The congress will be organized through: Polish Commission of Military History of the Polish Committee of Historical Science; Department of History – University of Wrocław, Department of History – University of Opole, General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław, Polish Historical Society. The Marshal of the Opolskie Voivodeship Mr. Andrzej Buła took patronage over the congress. The theme of the 2022 ICMH Congress to be held in Poland will be: The Defense of Borders in Military History, from the Middle Ages to the Present Day. The congress sessions will be held both in Wrocław and, on a chosen day, in Opole. The official webpage of the Congress is: http://icmh-mmxxii.wns.uni.opole.pl/. Further updates will follow.