German Military Archives

Category: Database of National Military History Archives Published: Thursday, 02 January 2020

1. Archive name (English)

The Federal Archives

2. Archive name (native)

Das Bundesarchiv

3. Address


Wiesentalstraße 10, 79115 Freiburg i.Br.



4. Organization affiliation

The Military Archives are a department of The Federal Archives. The Federal Archives is subordinate to the Minister of State for Culture in the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and the Media.

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6. E-Mail/Contact

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7. Phone

+49 761 47817 0


8. Fax

+49 761 47817 900


9. General description of contents

The Military Archives is responsible for the documents of military provenance of the Federal Republic and its predecessors. These include documents from the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Federal Armed Forces' Administration, the National People's Army, the Wehrmacht, the Waffen-SS, the Reichswehr, the Schutztruppen and Freikorps, the North German Federal Navy, the Imperial Navy and the Prussian Army from 1867.



10. Categories, Linear measurement, Period covered

By the end of 2017, the Military Archives kept holdings of approximately the following amount:

        56 linear meters of written records

        1,2 million photographs

        12.000 posters

        1 million maps, plans and technical drawings

        12 thousands books in the library.

These holdings are from the period of 1867 up to now.


11. Access conditions (opening hours)

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 18:00

Friday: 08:00 to 16:00

12. Conditions of use (legal conditions)

Federal Archives Act

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